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Samsung keeps on planning ahead, looking to release the next line in it’s Galaxy series, the 4th generation Nexus Smartphone was launched in November and is one of the great samsung contract phones available. For this generation of smartphones, Samsung has partnered up with Google to co-produce this smartphone, effectively co-branding it. The phone is made up of Samsung’s hardware and top of the line design, and powered by Google’s operating system. This is the latest smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy contracts selection of smartphones that are available on galaxy

The new design includes a 4.65 inch screen displaying a high definition AMOLED output. It has the same dual core processors as the Galaxy S2. The phone comes with 2 standard memory sizes, the 8 gigabyte one and the larger 16 gigabyte version. Actually most of the phone is closely built off the Samsung Galaxy S2, but with the new software, named Android 4.0. Some of the new features built in to this new software are Wifi Direct, Face Unlock, and Android Beam. With Face Unlock, the front facing camera scans the user’s face, and will unlock depending on the face it reads and which person has access to unlock. Wifi Direct allows for your phone to talk directly to other devices through a Wifi connection. The software will also include voice typing, allowing you to speak into your phone and having it typed out for either a text message, instant message, email, or personal note.

Best Samsung Galaxy Nexus Contract Deals

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Before the phone has even been released, critics who either had a sneak preview or were going by the stats were highly thrilled and great deals were awaited on this smartphone. The new software looked to be monumental, achieving new things and making things easier and quicker. And the Samsung Galaxy line looked to be the best phone to power the Android software. In anticipation of it’s release, Samsung has programmed it to be compatible with every type of network worldwide, from GSM to HSPA and everything in-between. They have made sure every country and continent will be able to experience the Galaxy Nexus.

Get the Best Deals on Contracts with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Obviously with the phone on so many different networks, there is a wide opportunity to get different Samsung Galaxy Nexus contract deals, regardless of where you are. A huge advantage of the   phone being available on so many networks is that when you travel or end up outside your usual network you will be able to pick up and jump on another one without problem. You can even work into your monthly smartphone contract deal that you have this option for a minimal fee.

The coming together of two major companies, arguably at the top of their respective industries, has helped create what could be called or considered a super phone. Not just a smartphone, but a go to device that can help answer questions or facilitate business in easier ways. As technology increases for the better, it’s not silly to assume that a newer smartphone can be as powerful or more powerful than a laptop computer, surely one that is a few years old. Even with such top of the line hardware, it’s good to see that companies are trying to find software that outdoes itself and take advantage of the hardware possibilities that could be reached.

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