Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2016 Offers and Deals

Jumia Kenya is one of the leading online shops in Kenya and known for quality electronics and appliances for years and now it’s here to bring you happiness on the coming Jumia Black Friday. The company has made enough efforts to stock some of the fast moving products in their stores to make sure that their customers get the best deals during the season. Black Friday is when Jumia comes up with great offers and deals along with discounts like 50% off shopping.

It is a day organized for people who have been looking forward to purchasing a new TV or some of the latest smartphones from the top models like Samsung and Infinix which are packed with the latest specifications like Marshmallow OS and front LED flash for selfies.

The notable online shop is aiming to cater for all the demands projected to take place on that mega day. Some of the categories customers are eying for include:

Jumia Categories


  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Phones & Tablets
  • TVs, Audio & Cameras
  • Computing
  • Home & Living
  • Beauty
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Baby, Kids & Toys

Offers and Deals on Jumia?


Jumia is expected to offer the coolest gadgets to the customers with the best deals and offers that no other online shop can beat. Their customer’s service department is also said you be preparing in advance so that they can be able to contain the huge traffic of orders that will stream during the much awaited Black Friday. Customer centric has always been the motto for their customer care team. The company believes that hard work and proper service to customers will enhance better working co-ordination and make sure that every customer ends up happier after the big event.

Some of the best deals expected on that day are said to be the electronic deals going with almost 50% off and of course a free delivery around Nairobi on that particular day.  Another category expected to offer great deals, and discounts is the phones/tablets category. The company will allow you to save approximately 30% off on selected items within the said category. There will also be free delivery and coupon code to redeem at the end of the day. So you have to keep an eye on these hot deals to make sure you are not left behind. The best thing is to keep checking the different ads that will be running on several media platforms. You can as well sign up on Jumia website and subscribe to a newsletter from time to time. This way you will stay on the look and be on the know-how as the Black Friday approaches.

Jumia Kenya is known as one of the prime online shops we have in Kenya today. The company seeks to win more customers through providing quality products on that big day. They believe that service will not stop only on that day but will continue to ensure customers get their products on the same stipulated time frame even after Jumia Black Friday. In addition to customer service, the company also has the plan to make follow up on product performance and replace some of the products that will not perform as expected.

Jumia Kenya on Black Friday targets to offer and unleash a bunch of discounts on smartphones that you won’t find anywhere else. The site will bring on board a pool of quality mobile phones that will not disturb the customers in the later days. Jumia Black Friday is said to be the day that thousands of Kenyans will use the smartphones more than any other day in the Kenyan history. One has to be fully loaded with data bundles to take full advantage of the big day.

Jumia Kenya plans to make the same demands the customers are making to serve each other in the best way possible. This is why Jumia is planning to sell products that are cheap and at the same time offer useful tips to their royal customers. Jumia Black Friday is a special time to take advantage of and enjoy loads of discounts from electronics to home appliances.

Maybe you have been holding out on a very important purchase like a smartphone; it’s now that time to prepare and wait. The Kenya latest smartphones like Cubot, Samsung and Tecno devices will be up for grabs just for you. It’s expected to be a massive sale day coupled with thousands of best buys for the Black Friday fans.

How to Prepare


On this day, shopping at Jumia Kenya will demand that you do some simple research on some of the competitive categories to get the best deals from the leading stores. You will have to create a list of the products you will be eyeing and then check from different online stores for comparison. It’s only a good research will help you go for the best option since some advertisement can mislead people. You can also opt to ask your friends and family members about the latest deals available online.

Jumia Kenya will have various banners displaying their discounts and offers. You can keep on checking for a deal that will best suit you. At times Jumia Kenya on Black Friday may consider giving back rewards after some sales, so it’s good to keep on checking on them. It’s a lifetime mega sale that you cannot afford to miss by all means. Ads and billboards will be speaking in unison about the big day. Media at the same time will make announcements about Jumia Kenya Black Friday deals and offers. On that note, therefore, stay on watch, stay online!

One advice, do not approach the day with emotions, it an assurance that you will have to walk away with at least two products or three with a good offer. We wouldn’t wish that you buy an item that you had not prepared for. Stay online and do your calculations on which products you will give the priority during the Black Friday.

You will have to go online early to find the hottest online store coupons. This is an advantage that should not pass you during the Jumia Kenya Black Friday. There is also some selected hours that you need to take advantage of. The deals and offers are so good to pass you. All we want is you to save big with Jumia Kenya on 25th November. Have proper information at hand to avoid any inconveniences with payment options and delivery services. Take an effort to edit and select your delivery center on time. Shopping on that day will be fast and rapid since many people will be competing.



For all those buyers who expect a bargaining session on that day, they need to have two things, good internet, and some cash on their phone. Not all will come out successful but to the lucky ones, try and share the joy with friends and relatives. Jumia Kenya will be like the only website that will provide discounts and coupons on this next Black Friday. So expect stiff competition on the site as products will be vanishing in seconds. Do not miss out on this special Black Friday courtesy of Jumia Kenya.


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