Casio G’zOne Commando Review

The Casio G’zOne Commando is a tough rugged Android phone provided by Verizon Wireless. The smartphone has tough solid body and is a good choice for people who like their smartphone to bear the toughest elements. G’zOne Commando is the first rugged phone by Casio and Verizon Wireless. Previously, there were similar hazard proof smartphones available such as Motorola Defy and Motorola i1 but they were not available for Verizon Wireless. The smartphone is packaged with a USB cable, AC adapter and a preinstalled microSD card of 8GB.


The build and design of the Commando is not bulky or heavy with large buttons like most of the rugged devices have but it is efficient and light. The smartphone actually has lesser weight than Motorola Droid X and has sort of masculine look. Casio G’zOne Commando is 5.08 inches long, 2.58 inches wide and 0.6 inches thick with weight 5.45 ounces. The smartphone has MIL-STD-810G certification that is it is military certified by which it means that the smartphone has good resistance against dust, water, rain, vibration and shock. One can easily attend the call under water and you just have to be sure that the ports are blocked with the provided rubber stoppers.

The display is scratch proof because it is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass. The display of the smartphone is 3.6 inch capacitive touchscreen with resolution 480×800 pixels. The touchscreen is responsive but there are some tapping problems with the virtual keyboard with Swype. There are four short keys present below the display for Menu, Home, Back and Search. A speaker grille is present just below the short keys and the center of the frame has a microphone. Proximity, light and temperature sensors are present at the top of the smartphone above the display.

Volume control as always is present at the left spine with a button after it to map any application to. In addition, the left spine has a power key and beneath it is present a charging terminal. The right spine of the smartphone has a Camera key at the top then it has LED indicator, microUSB port for charging and at the bottom has 3.5 mm headset jack. Moreover, at the back, microSD slot is present behind the battery and beneath the battery cover. Camera lens is present at the top with an LED which works both as a torch and also as a flashlight for Camera.

User Interface

The G’zOne Commando is running on Android OS 2.2 Froyo. User Interface is pretty similar to other Android smartphones. However, there are 5 customizable home screens and there is an addition of a custom pop-up menu. Pop-up menu is like a quick launch populated with frequently used applications. A Phone icon is present at the bottom of the Home screen and at the extreme right. Main menu icon is present in the middle and a round Snap button at the extreme left.


The smartphone mostly has all the regular features provided by Android 2.2 OS such as Calendar, Alarm, Contacts application, Calculator, Web Browser, Social networks that include Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, Google Applications include YouTube, Google Talk and Gmail. The default search engine is Bing which means Google Maps is not preinstalled but you can download it. Moreover, there is Verizon’s V Cast suite of applications. Disappointing thing is all the preinstalled applications cannot be uninstalled.

The Commando does have exciting softwares provided by Casio and that are the G’zGeer suite of applications. The applications in the suite include Thermometer, Earth Compass, Star Gazer, Tides, Trip Memory, Walking Counter, Sun/Moon and Adventure Training. Apart from these cool applications for adventure enthusiasts, the G’zOne also provides the full security encryption for all MS Exchange corporate email.

Now, regarding connectivity the smartphone has support for Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi and can be used as a mobile hotspot for 5 devices. Moreover, the smartphone has 5 MP Camera with support for Video recording but the picture quality is average.


Performance of the smartphone is not very impressive. The call and voice quality of the smartphone is muddy and fuzzy. The G’zOne Commando has 800 MHz processor but at times, the smartphone works really slowly and that may be due to touchscreen or virtual keyboard. The smartphone is powered by 1460 mAh battery that provides 11.25 days of stand-by time and 7.5 hours of talk time.


At the end, this Android smartphone Casio G’zOne Commando is in fact durable and bit indestructible that is it can easily endure the extreme rough conditions. The smartphone is a good choice especially for construction workers and outdoor adventurers.

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