I am a global leader in innovation science teamed up with a great team that believes in growth, leadership, and innovation. Having being named as the best expert in a consultant, I also the best keynote speaker of the year. I have a company that deals in infrastructure consultation as well as the main head of LoveWorks, a company that specializes in businesses around the world. I am a professor of strategy, innovation and marketing from Harvard University.

I have worked for many notable companies in different capacities. Some include Coca-Cola, the American Express and also created the Concede brand and few months ago. I believe everyone can it happen irrespective where you come from. I have spearheaded, many projects both outgoing and startups. So far di have worked in 56 companies with great experience in leadership. My main aim is to help all these companies to grow together and realize their potential in different fields in the global market.

With over 5 books now, I have believed I am a fast thinker with many strategies to help every business pick the pieces and raise to their level best. Some of my books have won awards due to the insights I usually give these businesses. To be where I am today, I collaborated with big learning institution to give consultation creative business where one has to work smart rather than work hard.

Building entrepreneurial empires in your respective country. The art of seeing things differently and also thinking big to see yourself rise from one step to the other. I let big brands realize that the customer is their biggest asset that they cannot afford losing at any given moment.


Carly Jean Rohrig

6762 33 Ave N

St Petersburg FL 33710

Telephone: (541) 754-3010

Email: carlyjeanc@gmail.com