Jumia Kenya Black Friday 2016 Offers and Deals

Jumia Kenya is one of the leading online shops in Kenya and known for quality electronics and appliances for years and now it’s here to bring you happiness on the coming Jumia Black Friday. The company has made enough efforts to stock some of the fast moving products in their stores to make sure that their customers get the best deals during the season. Black Friday is when Jumia comes up with great offers and deals along with discounts like 50% off shopping.

It is a day organized for people who have been looking forward to purchasing a new TV or some of the latest smartphones from the top models like Samsung and Infinix which are packed with the latest specifications like Marshmallow OS and front LED flash for selfies.

The notable online shop is aiming to cater for all the demands projected to take place on that mega day. Some of the categories customers are eying for include:

Jumia Categories


  • Women’s Fashion
  • Men’s Fashion
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Phones & Tablets
  • TVs, Audio & Cameras
  • Computing
  • Home & Living
  • Beauty
  • Sport & Fitness
  • Baby, Kids & Toys

Offers and Deals on Jumia?


Jumia is expected to offer the coolest gadgets to the customers with the best deals and offers that no other online shop can beat. Their customer’s service department is also said you be preparing in advance so that they can be able to contain the huge traffic of orders that will stream during the much awaited Black Friday. Customer centric has always been the motto for their customer care team. The company believes that hard work and proper service to customers will enhance better working co-ordination and make sure that every customer ends up happier after the big event.

Some of the best deals expected on that day are said to be the electronic deals going with almost 50% off and of course a free delivery around Nairobi on that particular day.  Another category expected to offer great deals, and discounts is the phones/tablets category. The company will allow you to save approximately 30% off on selected items within the said category. There will also be free delivery and coupon code to redeem at the end of the day. So you have to keep an eye on these hot deals to make sure you are not left behind. The best thing is to keep checking the different ads that will be running on several media platforms. You can as well sign up on Jumia website and subscribe to a newsletter from time to time. This way you will stay on the look and be on the know-how as the Black Friday approaches.

Jumia Kenya is known as one of the prime online shops we have in Kenya today. The company seeks to win more customers through providing quality products on that big day. They believe that service will not stop only on that day but will continue to ensure customers get their products on the same stipulated time frame even after Jumia Black Friday. In addition to customer service, the company also has the plan to make follow up on product performance and replace some of the products that will not perform as expected.

Jumia Kenya on Black Friday targets to offer and unleash a bunch of discounts on smartphones that you won’t find anywhere else. The site will bring on board a pool of quality mobile phones that will not disturb the customers in the later days. Jumia Black Friday is said to be the day that thousands of Kenyans will use the smartphones more than any other day in the Kenyan history. One has to be fully loaded with data bundles to take full advantage of the big day.

Jumia Kenya plans to make the same demands the customers are making to serve each other in the best way possible. This is why Jumia is planning to sell products that are cheap and at the same time offer useful tips to their royal customers. Jumia Black Friday is a special time to take advantage of and enjoy loads of discounts from electronics to home appliances.

Maybe you have been holding out on a very important purchase like a smartphone; it’s now that time to prepare and wait. The Kenya latest smartphones like Cubot, Samsung and Tecno devices will be up for grabs just for you. It’s expected to be a massive sale day coupled with thousands of best buys for the Black Friday fans.

How to Prepare


On this day, shopping at Jumia Kenya will demand that you do some simple research on some of the competitive categories to get the best deals from the leading stores. You will have to create a list of the products you will be eyeing and then check from different online stores for comparison. It’s only a good research will help you go for the best option since some advertisement can mislead people. You can also opt to ask your friends and family members about the latest deals available online.

Jumia Kenya will have various banners displaying their discounts and offers. You can keep on checking for a deal that will best suit you. At times Jumia Kenya on Black Friday may consider giving back rewards after some sales, so it’s good to keep on checking on them. It’s a lifetime mega sale that you cannot afford to miss by all means. Ads and billboards will be speaking in unison about the big day. Media at the same time will make announcements about Jumia Kenya Black Friday deals and offers. On that note, therefore, stay on watch, stay online!

One advice, do not approach the day with emotions, it an assurance that you will have to walk away with at least two products or three with a good offer. We wouldn’t wish that you buy an item that you had not prepared for. Stay online and do your calculations on which products you will give the priority during the Black Friday.

You will have to go online early to find the hottest online store coupons. This is an advantage that should not pass you during the Jumia Kenya Black Friday. There is also some selected hours that you need to take advantage of. The deals and offers are so good to pass you. All we want is you to save big with Jumia Kenya on 25th November. Have proper information at hand to avoid any inconveniences with payment options and delivery services. Take an effort to edit and select your delivery center on time. Shopping on that day will be fast and rapid since many people will be competing.



For all those buyers who expect a bargaining session on that day, they need to have two things, good internet, and some cash on their phone. Not all will come out successful but to the lucky ones, try and share the joy with friends and relatives. Jumia Kenya will be like the only website that will provide discounts and coupons on this next Black Friday. So expect stiff competition on the site as products will be vanishing in seconds. Do not miss out on this special Black Friday courtesy of Jumia Kenya.


Samsung Galaxy Note contracts

With the success of the Galaxy smartphone contracts line, Samsung has continued to push the envelope on what a device can do. Samsung has experimented and come up with a combined smartphone and tablet, not the first of it’s kind but definitely the most successful so far. Many users already have at least one of the devices, with many having both. It only made sense to combine both into one, lessening the need to keep up with two different devices and making one as a choice for everything in one spot.

Best Galaxy Note Smartphone Contract

androidpit samsung galaxy note

The Galaxy Note is the usual Galaxy smartphone with a twist. While it has the usual touch screen that lets you navigate with the use of your finger, it has a stylus that tucks into the bottom of the phone referred to as an S pen. The S pen allows you to write on your touch screen, giving your self notes or navigating with the stylus on your phone. An example is with the Messaging app, a user can write out a message that will convert the writing to text that can be messaged or emailed to another user. The stylus can act like a mouse on web pages for navigation, and soon Samsung will release a software development kit that allows developers and programmers to write apps that can be distributed as a third party app to use and enjoy. The display is all high definition, using the standard AMOLED screen.

Get the Best Deal on a Contract for the Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone and Tablet Combo

samsung galaxy note

The market is small currently for a smartphone tablet combination, and it remains to see how the public will react. People remember the popular PDA or personal digital assistant, often trying to relate the Galaxy Note to this, but they are pretty different devices with the only real similarities are the stylus use.

Along with the tablet portion of the Galaxy Note, the usual smartphones features can be found here. When looking at Samsung Galaxy Note on contract deals, one really needs to focus on the minutes and data usage allocations. The tablet resources will use data usage to surf the Internet and send messages, and it can be forgotten easily because one doesn’t usually think about a tablet as needing data plans.

samsung galaxy note5The businessman can really take advantage of the all in one Galaxy Note as it is a leader amongst the smartphone contracts available in the UK. Not only does it reduce the amount of devices needed and traveled with, but it keeps everyone on one plan, easier to keep track of and monitor. While the device can be higher priced than a normal smartphone, adding the cost of the two items can show that you’re actually saving money. Since it is a Samsung, it’s programmed and made to work on many service providers and networks worldwide so as a person travels they can jump on any network that becomes available. This can be chosen as an option for many monthly contract deals.

Samsung Galaxy Nexu

Samsung keeps on planning ahead, looking to release the next line in it’s Galaxy series, the 4th generation Nexus Smartphone was launched in November and is one of the great samsung contract phones available. For this generation of smartphones, Samsung has partnered up with Google to co-produce this smartphone, effectively co-branding it. The phone is made up of Samsung’s hardware and top of the line design, and powered by Google’s operating system. This is the latest smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy contracts selection of smartphones that are available on contract.samsung galaxy

The new design includes a 4.65 inch screen displaying a high definition AMOLED output. It has the same dual core processors as the Galaxy S2. The phone comes with 2 standard memory sizes, the 8 gigabyte one and the larger 16 gigabyte version. Actually most of the phone is closely built off the Samsung Galaxy S2, but with the new software, named Android 4.0. Some of the new features built in to this new software are Wifi Direct, Face Unlock, and Android Beam. With Face Unlock, the front facing camera scans the user’s face, and will unlock depending on the face it reads and which person has access to unlock. Wifi Direct allows for your phone to talk directly to other devices through a Wifi connection. The software will also include voice typing, allowing you to speak into your phone and having it typed out for either a text message, instant message, email, or personal note.

Best Samsung Galaxy Nexus Contract Deals

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Before the phone has even been released, critics who either had a sneak preview or were going by the stats were highly thrilled and great deals were awaited on this smartphone. The new software looked to be monumental, achieving new things and making things easier and quicker. And the Samsung Galaxy line looked to be the best phone to power the Android software. In anticipation of it’s release, Samsung has programmed it to be compatible with every type of network worldwide, from GSM to HSPA and everything in-between. They have made sure every country and continent will be able to experience the Galaxy Nexus.

Get the Best Deals on Contracts with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Obviously with the phone on so many different networks, there is a wide opportunity to get different Samsung Galaxy Nexus contract deals, regardless of where you are. A huge advantage of the   phone being available on so many networks is that when you travel or end up outside your usual network you will be able to pick up and jump on another one without problem. You can even work into your monthly smartphone contract deal that you have this option for a minimal fee.

The coming together of two major companies, arguably at the top of their respective industries, has helped create what could be called or considered a super phone. Not just a smartphone, but a go to device that can help answer questions or facilitate business in easier ways. As technology increases for the better, it’s not silly to assume that a newer smartphone can be as powerful or more powerful than a laptop computer, surely one that is a few years old. Even with such top of the line hardware, it’s good to see that companies are trying to find software that outdoes itself and take advantage of the hardware possibilities that could be reached.

iPhone 4 Contracts

iphone4 To get a great deal on a  new iPhone 4 contract simply compare the options using our comparison tools. When the first iPhone contracts came about, it changed the face of not just smartphones, but all cell phones. It’s innovation lead to many imitations and a dynamic shift in the cell phone market. Not only were the devices a game changer, but the software, how they were used, marketability etc were completely revolutionized. The iPhone became an extension of everyone, a way to get business done as well as really enjoy the options it came with. Some of these options included music through your iTunes, games and other applications custom written for the phone, many of them free or free to try. But with any invention there are always improvements along the way and the iPhone really saw a new standard set when the iPhone 4 was released.

The new iPhone saw many of the same features already standard on the iPhone, but with a make over. Now the camera was able to take high definition picture and video. And there wasn’t just one camera, but two; one on the front and one on the back. The front one allowed the user to enable an app called FaceTime, so that two connected users could actually see each other like a video conference call, all with their phone. The phone also has a faster processor so it could work quicker, and the screen is more crystal clear. To power all this, a stronger battery was included too.

iPhone 4

Compare iPhone 4 Contract Deals

Like it’s predecessor the iPhone 4 had many different options when it came to payments plans. One of the most sensible was the iPhone 4 on contract. This allowed the user to select the amount of minutes, broken up into groups that suited their needs. Along with this the user had the choice of how they wanted to bill their data usage. Treated like minutes, the user had the opportunity to choose from different data limits allocated to them. Soon, the user was able to mix and match, essentially building the best contract suited to how they use their phone.
Open Networks on iPhone 4 contract deals.

iPhone 4But with the iPhone 4, there was also now fierce competition in the UK to get this smartphone on contract, and the competition wasn’t against other phones. O2, the original exclusive provider to the iPhone, was released from it’s contract. All the other mobile phone network providers soon stepped in, and soon provided the iPhone 4 on their networks. This gave Apple a whole new customer base to market too, a very large one at that. Now users had the freedom to choose which network they wanted to be on, and this opened up the door for iPhone 4 contract deals. Besides pushing the service differences, price played into selling the iPhone. Users could now see which network had better coverage for their area, and had a price better for their needs.

Instead of having to flip between companies websites or be on hold with representatives, this site will allow you to compare iPhone contracts at your convenience. Having a smartphone is a great investment, but can be overwhelming on what you need and should have. This site will help spell it out easy for you, all in black and white allowing you to make the right decision for you as a customer.

HTC Contracts

HTC, a company based out of Taiwan, is a new company to the realm of technology than many of it’s competitors but is definitely on the same level. Originally formed as a company to make laptop computers, they soon saw the future in handheld mobile devices. They quickly shifted their focus to this, and has been able to achieve great success in this area. Often noted for device or invention of the year, HTC has been able to build smartphones that really are advanced from a technological standpoint.

htc corp unveils M8The business strategy for HTC was to make a great mobile phone product, and then contract several telecom providers. This method was a bit different from someone such as Apple who made the iPhone and then locked in AT&T as a service provider. Since HTC didn’t have an exclusive service provider, they could market their phones andsmartphones on contract to a wider range of customers and offer them at a lower price as well. Because different telecom companies would be providing the options for the phones, that meant HTC contract deals were easy to find. Each company would be trying to win the user’s business, which meant offers of incentives as well as price breaks to lure the customer away from the competition, even though the phones are the same from a product standpoint. It’s just the service and quality that is different. The advan  tage here actually goes to the consumer for being able to pick a phone that they want and the service provider they want it with.
find cheap htc one mini dealsLike many of the other smarthphones on the market, the appeal to having a smartphone is the ability to surf the Internet with ease, anytime and anywhere. HTC service providers recognize this, and offer many different options when selecting a monthly contract plan. Surfing the Internet on your phone can be just as easy as from your computer, but the inner workings of delivering the Internet to you are a little bit more complicated. You pay a bit of a premium to be able to stay connected at all times, so choosing the monthly contract plan that fits you best is important, for many of these plans are a two year agreement with stiff penalties in place if you so choose to break the plan.

HTC have a number of great smartphones out at the moment. The new HTC Sensation is likely to be a very popular handset and you can compare HTC Sensation contracts in our sensation section. As well as the Sensation HTC have recently launched the HTC Rhyme Contract smartphone. This beautiful looking phone comes packed with features.

HTCMany mobile service providers help you categorize yourself based on your Internet habits, and depending on your categorization will help pick your price point for your monthly contract plan. A monthly contract is a great option for daily users of online media on their phone. Ensuring that you don’t over pay or sign up to a data usage limit you constantly go over resulting in overage fees is what this website is all about. Not only does the site break down the different choices when it comes to a HTC phone, but what to expect when using the phone and how much you should be or will pay for using that phone.

Kenya’s Changing Smartphone Price In Last Decade

In 2009, as new mobiles entered the market the average smartphone price in Kenya for some buyers was too high. Now, as new brands and companies have begun to offer options those prices are drastically improved. It’s possible to find cheap mobiles or more top of the line selections at a reasonable cost. In the last few years the number of mobile users in this country doubled, then tripled. By 2014 what was a small niche of users has grown to an estimated 21 million. For those hoping to upgrade to a better mobile, or interested in purchasing a mobile for the first time the changes of finding just the right handset for personal needs is very good.

  • HTC Smartphones Choices

HTC one

HTC started producing award winning mobiles in 2005. Well known globally they are an important presence in Kenya being one of the many new companies offering the exact type of mobile desired in this new marketplace. Finding an HTC for the right smartphone price in Kenya is usually a matter of knowing which series and model a buyer needs for as little cost as possible.

  • Desire Series Choices

HTC One Series

The Desire 326G Dual SIM is a good example of an entry level cheap smartphones in Kenya, with many of the features new buyers are hoping to find. Part of the popular and inexpensive Desire series, this handset usually retails for less than Ksh. 12,000. What makes this series standout if the unique design features that make this an easy to use smartphone handset for those outside of the United States. Dual SIM, and removable 2000 mAh are among the top such features, making these a great choice for those who need to make international as well as local carrier calls, or who will need to carry an extra battery rather than simply recharge. Unlike some smartphones marketed in Kenya, however, there are fewer trade offs for these differences. The back facing camera is 8MP with LED flash and a front facing camera for personal 2MP pictures are both a better quality than found in many other devices. The operating system is Android 4.4 (Kitkat).

  • A Step Up with Another Desire Option

For a slightly higher cost a buyer can have a slightly slimmer smartphone with the HTC Desire Plus 526G Plus and the HTC Desire 526G. The 4.7 screen is also slightly bigger than others in the series, and resolution is 540 x 960 pixels. The cameras, Dual SIM, OS, and battery capacity are exactly the same as the others earlier in the series. The look is much sleeker, and slimmer so it’s up to the buyer to decide if this along with a bigger screen and clearer image are worth a higher cost as it usually retails at Ksh. 14,000.

  • New Options with Infinix Hot Note

Infinix Note

In looking at the typical smartphone price in Kenya, it’s easy to disregard some of the Infinix series Hot Note. This isn’t as well known a brand name, and the smartphones themselves generally do not have the sleek look as other offerings. A little research, however, reveals this is a better option than it might appear. Infinix X600 Note 2 is an exception. This handset comes in gold tone along with other choices, and features are just as plush as the exterior. Dual Micro SIM with a 5.98” screen the back facing camera is 13MP a big step beyond many other selections on the market at this time. The OS is Android 5.1, but with 16GG and 1GB RAM it’s certainly possible to upgrade if the chosen carrier allows for this. The front facing camera is 2MP, still good for the occasional selfie. When comparison shopping for smartphones in Kenya buyers should note the price of this device reflects an upgrade from other smartphones at Ksh 12,000.  This is an example of alternatives for cheap smartphones.

Checking the Price for Smartphones in Kenya and Brands from Around the World

Often it’s not all in the name when it comes to the smartphones price in Kenya. A choice that’s very like the Infinix X600 is the InnJoo Max 2 Plus. The same sleek appearance, 1GB RAM, and 13MP rear facing camera, Android 5.1 operating system, and gold tone is found with this handset. The battery on this choice is 4600mAh promising a longer charger. This retails usually for about 3,000 less than the X600.

Brands at Higher Cost

Some companies will always charge a greater price in Kenya for their smartphones. Apple is a prime example, as this brand is usually among the most innovative with their smartphones. If the buyer’s need is for a robust OS, very specific apps, or strong security when comparing Kenyan smartphones these are the better choice. The most common operating system throughout the country is Android because the apps are easy to buy and use. Still, for those who desire the iPhone there are choices available. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is currently available on the market with 128GB-1GB RAM. The camera is a disappointing 8MP, but there is a 1.2MP front facing camera which is an improvement over other earlier models of the iPhone. It’s a Nano-SIM which can cause a problem for many potential users. The operating system is iOS 8, and the dual core 1.4GHz Cyclone CPU is among the best found in Kenya’s market. The cost is hefty retailing at over Ksh 87,000.

A Higher Cost for More

Like iPhones and Apple, the Sony brand often comes with a higher sales tag. Many Sony smartphones also have only a single SIM. The difference with these phones is in the design, and quality of the handsets. The Sony Xperia Z1 has 16G, and 2GB RAM, and it runs the Android OS v4.2 Jelly Bean OS. These are issues the user can usually work around by upgrading the OS for example. The camera is far superior to others on the market and might be worth the price and the frustrations of working around other issues for those who need excellent images when taking pictures. The Sony name was first made famous with their cameras and it shows with the Xperia Z1’s 20.7MP camera with 5248 x 3936 pixels, auto focus and LED flash. There’s only one camera on the phone, and its back facing, but it is superior to any other smartphone’s currently offered. The smartphone’s 5” screen gives the user clear resolution at 1080 x 1920 pixels with TFT capacitive touchscreen ability. Another benefit with this choice is this device is waterproof. This isn’t cheap, but most less than the iPhone and offers more for those who truly need a great camera along with an easy to use phone. The downside is it comes at a higher price in Kenya than many others at over Ksh. 30,000 retail.

A Trusted Name and Getting the Right Price

BlackBerry is one of the earliest brand names to enter the global smartphone market. For many there’s nothing that conveys the image of professionalism as owning one of these smartphones, and for the brand as kept up with innovations developed by other mobile companies. In this county the brand is disadvantaged by not having a Dual SIM. The Blackberry Passport at 32GB with 3GB rams strives to make up for this with Blackberry 10.3 OS and Quad-core 2.26 GHz Krait 400. The extra wide 4.5” IPS display is one key point many users love about this phone. The 13MP camera is still an improvement over the iPhone’s cameras, and the 3450 mAh battery offers a longer charger. The downside of the battery is in not being removable. While lower in price than most iPhones this Blackberry currently retails no lower than Ksh. 55,000.

A Cheaper Smartphone Alternative

When craving the BlackBerry brand, a good starter handset is the BlackBerry Z3. It’s true the Z3 has only 8GBs and 1.5GB Ram, but this smartphone is cheap in Kenya, and is more in tune with other mobiles currently offered here, and users will still love the wider display with a 5” display that’s 67.6% screen to body ratio. The camera is far less than those enjoyed by Sony users with a 5MP 2592 x 1944 pixels, auto focus and LED Flash, however, it’s a better value then iPhone’s. Like the more expensive BlackBerry series users have the 10.2.1 OS that’s upgradable to v10.3.1. This is a smaller, more basic BlackBerry and the retail price reflects this at around Ksh. 14,000.

Microsoft OS and Prices

The Microsoft Lumia 830 has some of the same issues as Sony and Apple in not having a Dual SIM option. This offer is considered among the best in Kenya including the BlackBerry, Apple, or Sony series devices retailing at less than Ksh. 30,000. The Lumia 830 has 16GB with 1GB of RAM, but its biggest selling point is the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 OS. The camera is a bit superior to some on the market of even greater price on the Kenyan market, having a 10MP 3520 x 2640 pixels, camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and optical image stabilization. The 5” screen has a IPs LCD capacitive touchscreen, making worth the cost.

Cheap Smartphone Contracts

smartphonesEach year helps bring a wide range of cheap smartphones contracts on the market. There are many different features and options with each smartphone, especially when it comes to should a user upgrade their phone. A person can easily get lost in the shuffle when it comes to differences amongst phones and smartphones, and the variety of plans and contracts tha  t come along with them at prices from cheap contracts to very expensive contracts. The worst is when a user gets locked into a 2 year agreement, and is unhappy with their smartphone or their contract. Perhaps it costs too much monthly because of overage fees, or they aren’t getting the service they expected when they signed up. With so many smartphone contract choices, instead of being overwhelming, the user can use it to their advantage by seeking out the best cheap smartphone contract that suits them.

Best Deals on the Cheapest Smartphone Contracts.


When starting to seek a monthly contract for a smartphones your going to want to pick the best or the cheapest deals on smartphone contracts, most likely you will be best to pick the smartphone you would like. Each smartphone can do the basic same features: browse the Internet, use a touch screen, store music etc. Where the differences between smartphones starts to be noticed is the functionality and how it can interact with online features. For example, some smartphones are more prone to work with social media networks more than others. You can make one update or post and have it show up on multiple accounts with one effort, versus having to log in to multiple accounts and doing the same thing with each one. Another feature that helps stand smartphones apart can be some of the camera qualities. Some cheap smartphones will have flash standard on the device, and the level of the megapixel on the camera can range so it affects whether you get high definition pictures or movies.

Once the smartphone is decided upon, you can usually find the same device on different networks. It might be a How to Buy a Cheap Android Smartphonevariant and have minor differences when compared directly, but those can often be overlooked. The reason for exploring the different providers that come with the phones is that you can find the best monthly contract deal that is cheapest or gives you the most minutes and data for something that fits your budget. Also you can find the network that provides the most coverage for the area and the location you’ll be spending most of your time.

The smartphone has come a long way. Once dominated by Blackberry, the iPhone came along and revolutionized and created a huge demand for them. Then Samsung launched a range of Samsung Smartphones on contract and these proved t beAn industry soon popped out based around smartphones, from service providers to application software developers. While it can be a lot to take in, This website will help give a list of different phones, the features they offer, and the providers that are available for each different smartphone. Having a page that will give all the details will help avoid hassle, headache, and wasted time. All of this will ensure that you find the cheapest smartphone contract and deal that will keep you happy monthly.

Casio G’zOne Commando Review

The Casio G’zOne Commando is a tough rugged Android phone provided by Verizon Wireless. The smartphone has tough solid body and is a good choice for people who like their smartphone to bear the toughest elements. G’zOne Commando is the first rugged phone by Casio and Verizon Wireless. Previously, there were similar hazard proof smartphones available such as Motorola Defy and Motorola i1 but they were not available for Verizon Wireless. The smartphone is packaged with a USB cable, AC adapter and a preinstalled microSD card of 8GB.


The build and design of the Commando is not bulky or heavy with large buttons like most of the rugged devices have but it is efficient and light. The smartphone actually has lesser weight than Motorola Droid X and has sort of masculine look. Casio G’zOne Commando is 5.08 inches long, 2.58 inches wide and 0.6 inches thick with weight 5.45 ounces. The smartphone has MIL-STD-810G certification that is it is military certified by which it means that the smartphone has good resistance against dust, water, rain, vibration and shock. One can easily attend the call under water and you just have to be sure that the ports are blocked with the provided rubber stoppers.

The display is scratch proof because it is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass. The display of the smartphone is 3.6 inch capacitive touchscreen with resolution 480×800 pixels. The touchscreen is responsive but there are some tapping problems with the virtual keyboard with Swype. There are four short keys present below the display for Menu, Home, Back and Search. A speaker grille is present just below the short keys and the center of the frame has a microphone. Proximity, light and temperature sensors are present at the top of the smartphone above the display.

Volume control as always is present at the left spine with a button after it to map any application to. In addition, the left spine has a power key and beneath it is present a charging terminal. The right spine of the smartphone has a Camera key at the top then it has LED indicator, microUSB port for charging and at the bottom has 3.5 mm headset jack. Moreover, at the back, microSD slot is present behind the battery and beneath the battery cover. Camera lens is present at the top with an LED which works both as a torch and also as a flashlight for Camera.

User Interface

The G’zOne Commando is running on Android OS 2.2 Froyo. User Interface is pretty similar to other Android smartphones. However, there are 5 customizable home screens and there is an addition of a custom pop-up menu. Pop-up menu is like a quick launch populated with frequently used applications. A Phone icon is present at the bottom of the Home screen and at the extreme right. Main menu icon is present in the middle and a round Snap button at the extreme left.


The smartphone mostly has all the regular features provided by Android 2.2 OS such as Calendar, Alarm, Contacts application, Calculator, Web Browser, Social networks that include Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook, Google Applications include YouTube, Google Talk and Gmail. The default search engine is Bing which means Google Maps is not preinstalled but you can download it. Moreover, there is Verizon’s V Cast suite of applications. Disappointing thing is all the preinstalled applications cannot be uninstalled.

The Commando does have exciting softwares provided by Casio and that are the G’zGeer suite of applications. The applications in the suite include Thermometer, Earth Compass, Star Gazer, Tides, Trip Memory, Walking Counter, Sun/Moon and Adventure Training. Apart from these cool applications for adventure enthusiasts, the G’zOne also provides the full security encryption for all MS Exchange corporate email.

Now, regarding connectivity the smartphone has support for Bluetooth, GPS, and WiFi and can be used as a mobile hotspot for 5 devices. Moreover, the smartphone has 5 MP Camera with support for Video recording but the picture quality is average.


Performance of the smartphone is not very impressive. The call and voice quality of the smartphone is muddy and fuzzy. The G’zOne Commando has 800 MHz processor but at times, the smartphone works really slowly and that may be due to touchscreen or virtual keyboard. The smartphone is powered by 1460 mAh battery that provides 11.25 days of stand-by time and 7.5 hours of talk time.


At the end, this Android smartphone Casio G’zOne Commando is in fact durable and bit indestructible that is it can easily endure the extreme rough conditions. The smartphone is a good choice especially for construction workers and outdoor adventurers.